Officers of the CGNA

President: Jonathan Latko
Vice President: [vacant]
Recording Secretary: Jonathan Morin
Treasurer: Bryon Yoder

Development Committee [click here]

Chair: Bryon Yoder


Cooper-Grant is defined as the area contained within the following boundaries:

North: the Ben Franklin Bridge.
East: Friends Avenue (extended) south to Cooper Street, extending east to the West side of Fourth Street.
South: the south side of Market Street.
West: the Delaware River

Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month. There are no meetings in December.

Locations for our monthly meetings will be announced the day of the meeting.



The Cooper-Grant Neighborhood Association exists to improve the overall quality of life in the Historic Cooper-Grant area, and to support the welfare of its members.

CGNA achieves its mission by:

  • Providing a forum to identify, discuss, and resolve neighborhood issues
  • Sponsoring neighborhood improvement projects and social events
  • Establishing a two-way communication between the neighborhood and the city and other external agencies
  • Building long-term residency
  • Encouraging neighborhood-compatible renovation and preservation of our homes
  • Supporting properly managed growth and development
  • Enhancing safety and security
  • Promoting volunteer activism
  • Combating community deterioration
  • Building community by joining neighbors together in a common cause