Cooper-Grant parking sign.
Parking in Cooper-Grant is enforced by the Camden Parking Authority. Cooper-Grant is a Zone 1 neighborhood. Only residents with valid parking permits are permitted to park in the designated areas, for an unlimited time. Anyone without a parking permit is subjected to the limits indicated by the signage on that particular side of the street.

To obtain a parking permit and/or a visitors pass, residents will need the following:

  • a valid drivers license
  • car registration
  • a utility bill

All three items must be in the same name and address. No P.O. Boxes allowed; only physical addresses are acceptable.

When ready, head over to 10 Delaware Avenue to obtain your parking permit. You must go in person.

Permits are only good for the calendar year.


Cooper-Grant is located in District 3 for municipal waste collection. Trash & Recycling should be set out after 8pm the night before collection.

Collection schedule for household trash is:

May 1 - Sep. 30: Wed. & Sat. morning
Oct. 1 - Apr. 30: Wednesday morning

Collection schedule for household recycling is:

All year: Wednesday morning

Need a Recycling Bin?

The Department of Public Works has what you're looking for! You will need to go to Public Works and sign a pledge before you can take one home. Public Works is located at:

  • 101 Newton Avenue
  • Camden, New Jersey 08102
  • 856-757-7034
Recycling Guide (from the Camden County Recycler, Spring 2012) This guide lets you know what you should and shouldn't recycle.

Missed Trash

If trash has not been collected on your street, report it to Waste Management at 1-800-893-0054 (leave a message).

You may also log it onto the DCCB website so that there is a written record of it.


As of January 1, 2011, items identified as "electronic waste" (e-waste) should not be disposed of with your household trash.

Schedules for upcoming recycling collection events can be found here.

Environmentally Dangerous Items

Ideally, landfills should only be used for items that are non-recyclable, non-compostable, and aren't dangerous to the environment. Items such as paint thinner, nail polish, & cleaning solvents (just to name a few) should be taken to the Special Household Waste Collections event held by the county.


Street cleaning sign
Street sweeping is scheduled for every other week, from March until the end of December (weather permitting).

The schedule for street sweeping is Friday for one side of your street, and Wednesday for the other (every 2 weeks). There should be posted signage on each street that specifies which side is on what day. Cars parked on the side to be cleaned will be subject to ticketing.

If you are missing signage, or if your posted street sweeping sign is damaged, contact the Department of Public Works at 856-757-7034.


Throughout the year, the CGNA usually holds 3 neighborhood clean ups (late Spring, before the Block Party, and in the Fall). Advanced notice will be posted on the main page informing you of when and where. Usually, there is no need to register for any neighborhood sponsored event. Just show up ready to work.

Future events to be announced.


If you notice a street light that is not working, report it to both PSE&G and the DCCB (so there is a written record).

For instructions on how to report light outages to PSE&G online, click here.


From the hours of 10pm - 8am, noise should be contained to private residences.

These are some common noise violations:

  • Music or noise amplified to a level where it can be heard from the exterior of your home
  • Vehicle stereo systems amplified to a level where sound can be heard from the exterior of the car or 50 feet from a private residence.
  • Car alarms after 5 minutes of continuous airborne sound and 15 minutes of impulsive sound.
  • Shouting, loud noises, or disturbances in public spaces.

Noise violations should be reported to the Camden City Police Department. In addition, complaints should also be logged onto the DCCB so that there is a written record of the incident.

Violators causing disturbances are subject to fines up to $500 & community service.


Sign posted in Johnson Park.
As a courtesy to your neighbors, please curb your dog. All you need to bring with you on your walk is a plastic bag. Pick up after your dog, and throw it away in the nearest trash can.

Dog waste is a contaminant, and during warmer months children often play in areas where people walk their dogs.

Not only is it a courtesy to your neighbors, it's also the law. Fines range from $25 to $200.


Operating ATV's on public property is illegal in the City of Camden (Camden Code ยง 561-1). Though not necessarily a problem in Cooper-Grant, residents should keep an eye out for anyone riding an ATV in public and report them either by calling 856-968-1000, or by logging the complaint onto the DCCB (under the category of "ATV").

Be sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

  1. Description of the operator
  2. Specific description of the ATV
  3. What time they are being driven
  4. Where they are being driven
  5. Where they are being stored

NJ Transit/Riverline

NJTransit Police have full statewide jurisdiction in New Jersey. You are the eyes & ears and a force mulitplier for the 3rd largest transit system in the country. Please report suspicious behavior, quality of life issues, suggestions, concerns and compliments to:

  1. Tips Hotline: 1-888-TIPS-NJT
  2. Text Hotline: 65873
  3. Online Feedback

Camden County Police

  • Emergencies Only: 911
  • Non-emergency: 856-757-7486
  • Domestic Violence: 856-757-7438
  • Drug Tip Line: 856-757-7222
  • Citizen's Anonymous Tip Line: 1-877-345-TIPS (8477)

Please give as much information as possible when reporting issues. Questions or concerns? Feel free to contact the Camden County Police Department at 856-757-7400.